Simmons LRF600 review

The Simmons LRF 600 is a lightweight and compact rangefinder weighing just 8 ounces. It sits comfortably in the hand thanks to the grooved design on the side and bottom texture. Offering 4 x optical magnification and a range of between 10 – 600 yards. It displays a True Horizontal Distance using the tilt intelligence feature.

The user can choose to configure in either yards or meters to personalize the unit to their preference; this is done through a simple one button operation as are all the functions performed. Sadly, the black LCD is difficult to read in low light conditions, and this is a real problem when hunting at dusk or in bad weather. Further, there’s nothing to establish whether the unit is water resistant so proceed with caution if you plan on taking the LRF out in the rain.

simmons lrf600 review


  • 4 x magnification,
  • Range of between 10 to 600 yards,
  • Tilt Intelligence for True Horizontal Distance,
  • Easy one hand, one button operation,
  • In View LCD,
  • Yards or meters distance measurements

Product dimensions

  • 9”,
  • 6.1”,
  • 2.6”.

Product weight

  • 8 ounces.


  • Entry level price,
  • Includes carry case,
  • Lightweight, compact design,
  • Can be configured to measure in either yards or meters.


  • Only 4x magnification,
  • Black LCD is difficult to read in low light conditions,
  • Not clear if the unit is water resistant,
  • 9V battery not included,


To summarize this Simmons LRF600 review. The LRF is a low-cost option rangefinder which sadly feels like an inexpensive option with a plastic case which doesn’t feel robust enough to last the distance. If you choose this model, then you’d well to purchase a decent case to protect it when not in use. It only offers 4x magnification, and this would require a steady hand to operate in this respect. The black LCD is a challenge to read in low light conditions too. Unfortunately, it hasn’t proved to be that reliable especially over 300 yards, this together with the question mark over its suitability to be used in wet weather conditions means it’s a model that doesn’t quite make the grade regarding functionality and usability.

There are better rangefinders in this price bracket which feel of better quality and offer a better range of functions and features.