Bushnell Tour X Review

Bushnell has been in the sports optics sector for over 65 years, and they bring all their considerable skill and vision to this the Bushnell Tour X Golf Rangefinder. This is a little unit packed full of technology and innovation. It’s one of those models that exceeds expectation and truly does revolutionize the way you play the game. With 97% of the PGA Tour using it, it can’t be bad.

Game changing technology

It all starts with the brilliant dual Exchange Technology which allows you to swap a non-legal Slope faceplate for a tournament legal one when you need to, so you no longer need two rangefinders for your game. Bushnell’s Thomas Disch elaborates “With Exchange Technology, golfers can use the same device in practice, gaining exact yardages plus slope compensation distances, while also being able to use the same device legally in comps…”

The fantastic and award-winning Pinseeker with JOLT technology vibrates to confirm you’ve locked onto the flag, this carries on from the Tour V3 model and continues to be a handy tool.

You can toggle effortlessly between either a black or red display using Bushnell’s Dual Display Technology (DDT), allowing you to see the screen no matter the lighting or weather conditions on the course. Which means finally, users get to opt for the color they prefer and what works best for them.

With its modern white and black ergonomic design featuring buttons which are simple to operate even with your gloves on. And a well-proportioned size and weight, it’s easy to see why it’s been proving so very popular with golfers everywhere. At just 8 ounces it’s lightweight and portable. The premium hard case means you can safely transport it wherever your game takes you. Plus you’re covered by Bushnell’s two-year warranty should there be any problem with your unit.

bushnell tour x review


  • Slope technology
  • Accurate to 1/2 yard
  • Rainproof
  • 2-year warranty
  • Extreme Speed Precision (ESP) generation

Product dimensions

  • 3” wide,
  • 1.5” high,
  • 4” deep.

Product weight

  • 8 ounces.


  • Long range
  • Accurate
  • Jolt technology
  • Switchable plates  to make tournament legal
  • Dual display


  • No threaded hole


This concludes our Bushnell Tour X review. Another premium, technology packed rangefinder from market-leaders Bushnell. This little gadget is packed full of features which, when used correctly, should certainly improve your game, by how much well that’s a personal thing and one you won’t be able to measure until you test drive it. Is it worth the price? Yes, it probably is, if you can afford it.

The ability to switch between the Slope Technology and the tournament legal faceplate is extremely beneficial in allowing you to gain a better insight into your game. Combine this with excellent magnification and 0.5-yard accuracy, and you begin to realize just what capabilities this little machine has. A definite crowd pleaser.