Bushnell Tour V3 reviews

Building on the excellent quality and functionality available on the Bushnell Tour V2 this newer model comes equipped with Bushnell’s JOLT technology. Read on for one of our Bushnell Tour v3 reviews to see if its the right golf rangefinder for you.

bushnell tour v3 reviews
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The introduction of JOLT technology enables the user to know when the Pinseeker technology has locked onto a target; the user is alerted by a series of vibrations felt through the rangefinder. If you dislike the vibrations, you can switch this feature off, but the majority of users have found this latest innovation to be extremely helpful. It can lock on and pinpoint targets extremely quickly and with impressive accuracy.
bushnell v3 review

Style and design

The V3 is a stylish, ergonomically designed unit featuring Bushnell’s signature white and black coloring. With a textured, soft grip, hand placement area providing a more comfortable and secure feel. It is simple to use and easy to learn. The operation is with a single button on top of the device. And it comes with Bushnell’s two-year warranty and excellent customer service.


  • 5x magnification,
  • JOLT technology,
  • Range between 5 – 1000 yards,
  • LCD,
  • Adjustable eyepiece.

Product dimensions

  • 2.8” wide,
  • 1.6” high,
  • 4.3” deep.

Product weight

  • 6.6 ounces.


  • JOLT tech vibration affirms the Pinseeker technology has a target locked,
  • Range of between 5 – 1000 yards,
  • 5 x magnifications,
  • Rubber hand grips,
  • Soft, nylon case included,
  • Simple one button operation,
  • Adjustable eyepiece,
  • Two-year warranty.


  • 5x magnification only,
  • No slope-adjusted distance information,
  • Case provided is not a hard-shell style.


In conclusion to our Bushnell Tour v3 review

A well constructed and designed rangefinder the addition of some impressive tech. Fast and accurate readings from a device which is simple to use and well-designed. It has a smooth body and sleek styling and includes a handy nylon case. Note this isn’t a hard-shell case, something you may wish to consider purchasing as this will afford more protection to your rangefinder. However, they’ve included a soft cloth for lens cleaning, and you can attach the case to your cart or bag using the carabiner included. The gray case should afford adequate protection of your rangefinder while you play a round. For playing in the rain, the unit has coated optics to keep the rain off and is rainproof, so rain shouldn’t stop you using it.

The easy, one touch, one-button operation allows for quick access to all functions and keeps it simple to learn and use. It can be adjusted to suit the individual users’ preference between either yards or meters and whether you wish to have the JOLT vibration on or off. And there is an adjustable eyepiece giving a +/- diopter.

This unit only has 5 x magnifications where most models nowadays will offer 6x magnification but this is due to the lower price of this model compared to the newer Bushnell Tour X which has 6x but costs considerably more. It also lacks slope. Slope technology is a propitiatory feature found in Bushnell view finders, and automatically compensates for any verticality in any given terrain in under .98ms. The newer V4 model does have slope, and we found it can come up with a reading in under a second. However, if you are happy with less magnification and forgoing a slope feature, then this is a reliable, feature packed rangefinder with the addition of JOLT technology and is an impressive piece of kit for the price.